Application Form Barnabas Festival

Barnabas Festival 2021

We are glad to inform you that Barnabas festival this year will be taking place in Pogradec at Nehemia school on July 28-31.

The theme for this year is “As we go” Acts 1: 8

The participating groups will be: Northern Macedonia Groups (Tetovo and Skopje), Nxënësit e Jezusit Tiranë, Nxënësit e Jezusit Shodër, Urban Church, Iba’s Church, Mosaic Church in Lushnje, and Albanian Southern Churches (Tepelena and Fier).
Consider participating in one of this year’s workshops:
Message through art / painting- Gregori 
Sharing the gospel through games- Memli
Dramat / dancing / pantomime- Migi
Worship / creativity in worship- Whitney and Niku
For any questions you can write to us at our address or contact one of the organizers of the Festival.
Thank you!

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