Barnabas Festival 2021

We had a very blessed Barnabas festival in 2021. with the theme “As we go”.

In this event we had about 90 participants from eight churches of Albania (places like Shkoder, Korça, Tirana, Iba, Rruga Ura) and Macedonia (cities Skopje and Shutka).

The preachers from Albania Memli Mema, Eglant Tollaku, Sara Doçi and Zoran Spasovski from Macedonia were a real blessing to this festival. The youth were paying much attention to the word and also they had even questions which were answered from the preachers.

We had four workshops (Worship, Media, Drama and Games) prepared from Whitney, Bledi, Migi and Memli, which were very interesting for the youth and they learned a lot from those workshops.

The place where we hold the festival NEHEMIA center is really a blessed place where we feel comfortable with many facilities such as: conference room, sleeping places enough for 100-120 people, sports field for basket, volleyball and football. Is near the lake Ohrid where the youth also during their free time can enjoy staying there with their team.

When the festival ended we as leaders of this event decided that the following event will happen next year in July 27th – 31st  2022.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

Renato Jani

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