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After attending Barnabas conferences in Hungary and Romania in 2004 and 2005, the small teams that were joining the events were very enthusiast about the value of the conference in their personal lives.

We discussed the possibility to send more people to the conference in Romania with local church leaders, at the time we were sending small groups of 4-8 people but the travelling costs were high. In those discussions we came to the conclusion that it would be much more effective to organise a conference in Albania. Read More …


— Young People

Barnabas encourages young Christians to reach people in a contemporary way. Barnabas uses young people to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known worldwide. This year Barnabas organised conferences in Albania and Bulgaria. 


Barnabas events are kick-off. During the conference:                     
-You get to know each other better.

-Get your skills to perform your action well. 

-You get to know your (international) teammates.

-You receive the materials for the outreach. 

These are the practical reasons for the conference. But there’s more. We organise celebrations and seminars together at every conference. You learn more about faith there. Many participants here deepen their knowledge and relationship with God. Compare it to a meal. Without the conference you go to work with an empty stomach.  

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