Preparations for Barnabas Festival 2023

On May 4th, the leaders of different areas came together for the Barnabas Festival 2023 preparations. They gathered and discussed about the speakers, workshops, and group participants. Around 130 people from Albania, North Macedonia, the Netherlands, and the USA are expected to attend this event, which will take place from July 26th to July 30th. The organizers carefully chose engaging speakers who will share inspiring talks, and they planned a variety of workshops led by knowledgeable facilitators. The aim is to create an inclusive and diverse gathering that encourages cultural exchange and personal growth for all participants.

Barnabas Festival 2023 Aftermath

Barnabas 2023 unfolded in Albania from July 26th to 30th, creating a dynamic and enriching experience. 

The vibrant event found its home at the Nehemia Center in Pogradec, a fitting backdrop for the remarkable proceedings.

With enthusiasm, we welcomed 132 participants hailing from Albania, North Macedonia, The Netherlands, and a handful from the USA, Norway, and Sweden.

These participants were organized into seven distinct groups representing various regions in Albania (Shkodra, Tirana, Iba, Bathore, Fier, Tepelena, and Korça). Additionally, there were two groups each from North Macedonia (Skopje and Strumica) and the Netherlands (from Renen and Eindhoven).

The distinguished speakers (Egli, Sara, Zoran, Samuel, Memli) graced the event with their wisdom, delivering messages that resonated profoundly with all attendees, regardless of their backgrounds or experiences.

Our program comprised six engaging workshops: Worship, drama, poetry, games, media, and sports. Skillfully led by the teams’ mentors from Albania, North Macedonia, and the Netherlands, participants enthusiastically immersed themselves in these sessions. The strategic assignment of workshops by group leaders proved essential, as their familiarity with the strengths and talents of their members allowed for a tailored experience.

Recognizing the larger gathering, the Nehemia Centre generously allocated two buildings for accommodations. This thoughtful provision not only enhanced our comfort but also ensured an ample supply of showers, a boon given the temperature hovering between 30 and 32 degrees Celsius.

An inherent part of Barnabas conferences is the invitation extended to youth attendees who, despite being part of the church community, have yet to embrace Jesus in their lives. This year, a heartwarming milestone was achieved, as three youths from the Shkodra group wholeheartedly welcomed Jesus as their savior. Remarkably, among them, two individuals came from the Sala family, entrenched in our CSP program for over a year, their Islamic heritage adding an extra layer of significance to this transformation.

Throughout the conference and the journeys to and from the venue, we keenly sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s unwavering protection. Admittedly, a few participants succumbed to illness due to the soaring temperatures and inadequate hydration. However, our meticulous preparation and divine intervention ensured that challenges were skillfully navigated.

A daily highlight involved the group leaders convening to assess the day’s progress. The seamless understanding and camaraderie among the leaders significantly eased my responsibilities as the conference’s leader.

In closing, the forthcoming Barnabas 2024 is already on the horizon, scheduled from July 22nd to 26th. Your steadfast prayers and unwavering support remain deeply cherished and valued.

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